Garage Door Repair

Garage doors usually are the largest moving object in your home. If you have a garage door that may seem stressed or is not working properly, it compromises the basic safety of your family as well as home. Here at Same Day Garage Doors, we are an experienced, credible, and secure company you can rely on.

We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for any repair or emergency services pertaining to your garage door, opener, or springs.

Same Day Garage Doors services all of Ventura County and the surrounding cities.  Click here for a list of the cities we service for garage door repair, garage spring repair, garage opener repair, and garage door replacement.

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Garage Door Repair

While garages are meant to last a long time, they will eventually fall in disrepair and most likely require the help of a professional technician for repairs. There are several reasons why your garage door might be malfunctioning: from snapped garage door springs, through a broken panel, to a garage opener malfunction; we can be of help!

Same Day Garage Doors specializes in every kind of garage opening or closing repairs in Thousand Oaks, California. Whether you are in need of residential or commercial garage repairs, it is among the most reputable and trusted garage  repair company in Ventura County.

Even better, our company in Thousand Oaks, California, has experienced technicians at the garage repair field. Also, all our repair experts are licensed professionals that do their best to provide you with quality repair services, like they have always done many times in the past.

Fixing Broken Garage Doors

We, at Same Day Garage Doors, strongly believe that an excellent garage gate repair project starts from completely understanding the root of the problem. Any garage door that was faultlessly installed by an experienced garage technician and using the right garage parts should function perfectly, as long as the homeowner has scheduled garage maintenance services performed at an interval of six months.

In case you notice that your garage isn’t working or might have some issues, and you aren’t certain about it, feel free to contact us for help. Never overlook a problem with your garage, be it a dented garage door, a minor issue always grows to be a major one, and eventually, the garage repairs required will cost more money and time.

In case, you have a malfunctioning garage in Thousand Oaks that needs to be repaired, and you’re on the hunt for a reputable and trustworthy garage door company, contact us today at (805) 322-4444 or view our list of locations here Ventura County cities.

After many years of experience in the field, we can confidently and proudly say that there is no project that is too big or too small for us. Ideally, our team of professional garage door technicians have successfully completed hundreds if not thousands of repairs in the Los Angeles County and Ventura County area throughout California, and will always do their best to provide you with quality repair services at a reasonable price.

Why You should Hire a Professional

Do you have a plan to repair your garage by yourself? Well, there are some things you ought to know, whether it is a residential repair, an overhead garage gate repair, or a commercial garage repair: these repairs can be very dangerous, the more reason to delegate the job to a professional garage repair technician.

Do it yourself (DIY)

When you are browsing the internet for a DIY garage repair video or set of instructions, and you watch a video on YouTube, it makes you feel like it will be simple and quick to repair your garage door without any assistance from a trained technician or company.

Unfortunately, the videos do not tell you that there some important things you ought to consider before purchasing the parts you’ll need to fix the broken garage. Let us go over a few things that you consider before working on the door yourself:

  • Are you aware of what the problem is? Many times, it may seem that the issue is a result of a broken motor when it actually may be a mechanism problem. When it seems like your garage is malfunctioning because one of the door springs have snapped, it could have happened from a myriad of reasons. Besides solving the problem, it is also crucial to identify the root of the problem to ensure the problem does not recreate itself.
  • Are you aware of the garage parts you need? To the layman’s eye, all garage springs may look similar, and you can mistakenly think that replacing one spring with another similar spring will fix the problem of a broken garage door. Besides the fact that the garage will not work, using the wrong springs can be very dangerous and can lead to serious, fatal injuries.
  • Do you have the necessary tools for the repairs? If you decide to repair your garage by yourself instead of relying on the services of a garage door repairman in Thousand Oaks, California, make sure you have the necessary tools for the DIY job. Using an improvised tool instead of a torsion spring, for example, may lead to undesirable results and even fatal injuries.
  • Do you have the technical know-how? Repairing a broken garage requires certain knowledge, skills and understanding of the garage mechanisms. In case you loosen, cut or release the wrong part, it may be very dangerous.

Evidently, a DIY job can be very dangerous when it comes to fixing a broken garage. When you are streaming videos on YouTube that illustrate how to repair a broken garage, you are learning how to repair a certain problem on a certain garage, but in most cases, chances are that your garage is different, and it may require different repair techniques.

Common Garage Door Problems in Ventura County Cities

Nothing is utterly aggravating as when you are in a rush, and your garage door malfunctions. And being the largest moving object in your home, the garage can weigh hundreds of pounds, and when used on a daily basis, the door will need some servicing, for instance, routine repairs or even maintenance.

It can be difficult to tell what the problem is prior to examining the garage door. The best advice we can give is, whenever your garage breaks down, stop using it and immediately contact us: Same Day Garage Doors in Thousand Oaks, California.

Reasons to Employ Garage Door Repair Services in Thousand Oaks, California

  • We provide garage repair services for any door model.
  • Free phone inquiries.
  • 24/7 emergency repair service for garage doors and in Thousand Oaks, California.
  • Reasonable prices for every job- installation or repair.
  • Garage springs repair Thousand Oaks, California.
  • Licensed and experienced team of technicians.
  • Out of track garage door repair.
  • High-quality garage parts.
  • Garage door safety sensors replacement and repair.
  • Garage door panel replacement.
  • Garage door cables replacement.
  • Garage door opener repair.
  • Garage doors hinge replacement.


Attention!! If your garage door is malfunctioning, we highly recommend you stop using the door and contact a garage repair company in Thousand Oaks, California. Not only will continued use of the garage result to a much bigger problem, but also a broken garage can be very dangerous to you and those who come near it.

Snapped Garage Door Springs Repair in Thousand Oaks, California

Broken garage door springs are very dangerous, and garages with broken extension springs or torsion springs system should not be used. Garage springs are under enormous pressure, and you can easily get killed or injured should you mess with them. These repairs are best left to professionals who can easily fix your overhead garage.

Same Day Garage Doors has a team of experts with knowledge and experience on how to install and match the right garage opener springs with the right doors. This team of technicians can also install safety cables for extension springs. Usually, these cables are fitted as precaution in case one of the garage  springs snaps. The precautionary safety cables will try to reduce the damage that a broken spring under a lot of tension can cause.

To install the right spring to the garage, many calculations have to be made. Otherwise, using the wrong springs will end with a malfunctioning garage door, and this can even be very dangerous. If you have a malfunctioning garage, immediately stop using the garage until a professional technician repairs the snapped springs.

Garage Door Motor (Opener) Repair in Thousand Oaks, California

In case, your garage is automatic, and your garage door’s motor malfunctions, it does not necessarily mean that this is an issue with the opener. The most lowering and lifting power does not originate from the door opener but from the spring system. So, if one of the springs snap, loosens, or is not adjust, it means that the spring is not doing its part in the lifting. Instead, the opener does the heavy lifting, and this is what makes it seem like the root of the problem is the opener.

A problem with the garage gate sensors can also be a reason for a malfunctioning garage. If your sensor has a problem, you will notice that the door suddenly stops when it is closing and reverses back to open position. In most cases, the root of the problem originates from the motor itself.


Garage door repair is not something to put off. If you notice a problem, get it taken care of immediately. If you do not take steps to fix the problem right away, it could worsen to the point of requiring a replacement, and we all know how expensive that can be. A simple fix could be a more cost-effective solution for those who need it. Consider what your options are before you wait too long.