Garage Door Spring Repair

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Garage doors usually are the largest moving object in your home. If you have a garage door that may seem stressed or is not working properly, it compromises the basic safety of your family as well as home. Here at Same Day Garage Doors, we are an experienced, credible, and secure company you can rely on.

We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for any repair or emergency services pertaining to your garage door, opener, or springs.

Same Day Garage Doors services all of Ventura County and the surrounding cities.  Click here for a list of the cities we service for garage door repair, garage spring repair, garage opener repair, and garage door replacement.

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Why Call Same Day Garage Doors?

Our professionals in garage door spring repair are specially trained, so they can easily identify the type of spring that needs to be replaced. Nonetheless, they will know the right size and type of spring as well as the exact size of wire, the width, and length of the wires. Even better, they have the proper tools with them needed for changing the broken springs.

Opting to buy garage door springs yourself can be either expensive or difficult. This is because manufacturers would rather sell them in bulk to garage door repair companies. This also helps them manage quality control.

Choosing to replace the garage door springs yourself can be frustrating and tiring. When the springs are not set up correctly, the door will not function correctly and you may have to repeat the replacement process again. However, hiring one of our professional technicians will stop this from happening, this is why we recommend giving Same Day Garage Doors a call. You will have peace of mind just knowing your garage door springs are repaired correctly.

This can also help you save a significant amount of cash. The replaced springs come with a warranty, so if any problems arise down the road, you may call one of our technicians to determine if the malfunction is covered by the warranty. If so, you won’t have to pay any extra costs.

Importance of Garage Door Springs Repair and Maintenance

On average, a garage door is opened and closed around 1500 times yearly. If you overlook regular garage door maintenance, your garage door may malfunction and disrupt your daily routine. If you want your garage door springs to serve you for many years, you need to maintain them properly by scheduling routine checkups with a professional garage door repair company.

You can also take some simple steps to extend the useful life of your garage door. For example, lubricate the tracks, pulleys and other parts on a regular basis with a silicone spray or light oil. Furthermore, remember to tighten any loose screws, nuts, and bolts, and replace weather stripping

Safety Inspections

Hundreds if not thousands of people are severely injured by garage doors. Not only do they suffer lacerations and pinches from faulty parts, but many are critically injured when doors fall as a result of snapped torsion springs. In addition to routine maintenance checkups, ask your preferred garage door repair company to schedule safety inspections as well.


Protect the longevity of your garage door and fix problems early like replacing springs or scheduling maintenance requests.  Give us a call today at the number below and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you.

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